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Secure and dependable transcription service providing you with accurate transcripts, professionally presented in a timescale to suit you. Our personal service gives you peace of mind… there is always someone on the end of the phone to help should you feel unsure about how to proceed or what equipment to use – we will be delighted to talk you through the options.

How Does it Work ?

A digital recording device, such as a smart phone, tablet or a conventional dictaphone, can be used for sending us files electronically. Our transcription software can deal with most files types including those most commonly used – mp3, mp4, wav, dss, amr, m4a, wma – and many more. Files can be forwarded by email or alternatively we will send you a link for upload.

We will provide you with a quotation which will detail cost, agreed time frame, confirmation of any specific requirements you may have, e.g. a particular template that you want us to use, and payment terms. Acceptance of our terms together with your postal address is required by email or by completing and signing our booking form before we commence work.

Completed documents are returned by email or, if hard copies are required, by post or courier.

Rates and Procedures

Types of Audio Transcription


Exact copy of what is on the recording therefore includes “um”, “er”, ”ah”, all repeated words for example “for ever and ever and ever” and all non-standard words, phrases and abbreviations such as “you know”, ”cos”, ”sort of”, coughs and laughs.

Example: I was really, really, really pleased cos I er was able to er sail my boat today cos the sun shone and er it wasn’t cold at all in fact it was sort of er hot n even the wind was the right direction (laughs). I um am er planning to er sail again on the ah the um 26th of em July cos I um hope to uh bring my friend Luke cos he’s a bit of a laugh. Only um problem is he is always behind with his work so we er could be um too late to catch the tide!

Intelligent Verbatim:

Copying what is on the recording but cutting out redundant words and phrases such as “um” “er” “ah” but non-standard English such as “ain’t” and “cos”, abbreviations, contractions such as “don’t” and unfinished sentences are left in. Grammar is not corrected but left as said. This type of transcription is our speediest and therefore our most cost effective for you.

Example: I was really pleased cos I was able to sail my boat today cos the sun shone and it wasn’t cold at all, in fact it was sort of hot and even the wind was the right direction. I am planning to sail again on the 26th of July cos I hope to bring my friend Luke cos he’s a bit of a laugh. Only problem is, he is always behind with his work so we could be too late to catch the tide!

Edited Verbatim:

This is useful for clients who want a transcript of a lecture perhaps as it avoids verbal idiosyncrasies of the speakers. Non-standard English, grammar and mis-pronounced words are corrected to provide a more formal transcript of the recording. This type of transcription takes a little longer than the other types we offer and is therefore priced accordingly.

Example: I was really pleased because I was able to sail my boat today.  The sun shone, it was not cold at all, in fact it was hot, even the wind was in the right direction. I am planning to sail again on the 26th of July. I hope to bring my friend, Luke, because he is a laugh. The only problem is that he is always behind with his work so we could be too late to catch the tide!

Recording Tips

It makes it easier and more efficient for all if, when making your recording, you try where possible to follow a few simple guidelines, most of which are obvious but in our daily rush to “get things done” we can easily forget.

  • If more than one person is involved then please introduce each participant clearly.
  • Speak clearly and concisely.
  • Spell difficult names and place names.
  • Use a location where background noise and interference is reduced as much as possible – restaurants, trains and cars are not ideal.
  • Save your recording to the highest quality setting.
  • Try not to shuffle papers, write or work on your PC at the same time as recording.
  • Mobile phones can cause interference – better to switch them off when recording.

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Establishing good relations with our clients is important to us. In addition to our regular daily, weekly and monthly customers, we have many who come back to us periodically throughout the year as and when they require extra help. They are all more than happy to recommend our services and frequently do.

Experienced Transcribers and Typists

Our team are adept in a variety of different professions - property, medical, legal, human resources and more - resulting in professional, accurately presented transcripts and documents.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We know it is important for you to be able to trust us with your business, personal documents and information.  If required, we will sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office, an independent public body responsible for upholding information rights and data privacy.

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